To all of you at Lang Biang Art Station – I’m so happy that I followed my curiosity. The best things always happen when I do, and meeting you was the best! Hearing about your story of the good things you do for the kids of the people of Lang Biang was so inspiring to me. Keep being who you are, and I will hope you will inspire more people like you did for me. Thank you for the opportunity to share your lives for the time you had me and for being so gracious and helpful. 

Much Love, Sarah From New York

PS. I really liked the peacefulness at the farm and tasting everything!

I’m not a human who gives much energy into writing letters when saying goodbye, but I will try to put all of myself into it, for you. One of the reasons that is I truly believe I get more from the experiences and one letter with words isn’t going to show it all. I am glad I had the courage to go back to Alek and ask for help in ordering food on the way to Dalat. From beginning everyone was open and inviting, ready to discuss, listen and eat. I’m so happy I got to be one of the first customers in this new initiative and I will help to make it grow. During my many travels, I have not met a lot of interesting people, though, that’s the first time I know it’s not a goodbye and I will be seeing you soon, it doesn’t matter when. The dinner on the farm with Alek and Yen and was so far the most enriching experience of my trips and I’m sure even more than others I will have. Alek, you are a true friend. Thanks for allowing me to see who you are. Creativity flows from both of you and the n n. N n n, I fell in love with your patience, attitude, and curiosity. Paul, you are a funny guy and I would love to discuss in the future about more things. I wish you good luck and teachings. It’s not goodbye. We will meet again because I’m going to make sure of it, hoping that you would too. In the meantime, don’t surrender to society’s consensus, stay open-minded as you are and wish you joyful experiences in the future. By the way, the contemporary dance was incredible. Lots of love. I know.

– Ido July 20, 2019

What a special place that has been created here! Full of love, creativity, acceptance, and power! I always feel so lucky to dance on these floors and laugh in these walls. I wish you all endless creative flow, so you can pour your cup into others. Art is love! Art is life! Art is everything! 

-Rachel Blythe , October 1, 2019


 Message from Chang Chang with love:

Hi guys! This is the first time I come to Lang Biang Art Station. I think I should tell you something about my feelings when I am here. Only one word: Unforgettable. Thank you guys for treating me like a friend, very friendly very cozy. I’ve heard about this house from Alek before but I didn’t know what it was exactly. I’m always wondering what my best friend Alek is doing there and why he wouldn’t come back to Ho Chi Minh City with me and his family. But now, I feel I know him better, understand what he is doing and what is his vision. Actually, I really love the English Club. I had a good time enjoying teaching children without any pressure. I really enjoyed it. This is the first time I feel that I want to help them from my heart, not from how much money I get from teaching. I hope that you guys can keep this club and develop it. I think I’m not a very good English teacher, but from my experience, I can give you advice, good games to teach them. So feel free to ask me if you need my help. And I also love drinking and I’m with you guys. We can share everything together and enjoy the atmosphere together. We laughed too much, right? I believe that I will arrange my time to come here with you guys more after and together with you guys to develop the Lang Biang Art Station. And the last thing for Alek, my best friend now. I know what you are doing here so I will not ask you to come back to Ho Chi Minh City anymore. You know I just care for you because I’m afraid that you may get difficulty being alone here. But now I know you have many good friends here and I find what you are doing is so great. So just keep on it! I always believe in you. You know me right man…. question now, I realize that I wrote too much, haha. I think I’m drunk so I can write too many crazy things like this. Anyways, I hope the Arts Station will be better in the near future and congratulations to you guys! You did a great job.

-Chang Chang, Alek’s best friend

Hi Alek and Na!  Actually, I’m not good at expressing feelings and writing but I’ll try my best. This is my not my first time in Dalat, however, this is quite different than the others. I didn’t stay in a luxurious room or eat expensive food is like the previous trip but this trip gave me the feeling like I back home. Friendly people, adorable dogs, and delicious homemade foods are the things I’ll never forget. I know that you’re struggling with your new life at home but I hope that your project will be successful. About Na, this is my very first time to meet you but I’m impressed with your smile. I hope that you’ll always be positive like the time I met you. Lastly, I wish you guys good health and more success in what you want to achieve. 

October 13, 2019        -From Vinh with “La” LOL    


 Dear Alek, Na and Paul: I am so grateful for this volunteering experience. I think you can tell how cozy and comfortable I felt here just by how unwilling I was to leave over the past two weeks. This is really the only place in Vietnam I feel comfortable saying it felt like home. I can’t say I did my fair share of work but I am sure whatever gets stuck with the clothes and dishes the next two weeks will miss my presence. Thanks for the amazing food, I might have trouble losing my map features but it was well worth it. Paul, thanks for reminding me of the pubescent 13 years old’s humor that still resonates on so many levels. You’re an innovative bartender and I’m looking forward to seeing how far the passionate force of alcoholism can take you in this department. Na, I couldn’t say anything bad about you if I tried. You are an adorable person and some of the highlights of my stay here were patiently constructing sentences to improve your English and my Vietnamese. You’re an incredibly cool and even better homie. Alex, thanks for teaching me to be a good little boy. Despite my efforts to corrupt you with balloons and booze and Saigon, you still seem to have your s*** together. I’m so happy you’re living your dream and making something of yourself doing what you love. Looking forward to seeing what the project and be calm. I’ll miss you two Leaf.

– September 2019, Jason Mollink 

Hi Alek and Na,

I love being here!!!!! 

To Paul, the master of Mulberry and the high Sheriff of sex terminology, which I never knew existed.  You opened your home to us and we’re beyond grateful. It is looking like Lang Biang could very well be a more regular part of our future. Love to you and Alek

– June 30, 2019,       Kate Millar

 Hi Alek, Na, and Paul! My trip wouldn’t have been complete without Lang Biang, without you guys. Being caught up in the spontaneous meetings in human connections like this is what I live for. I will come back when this project finishes. I don’t want to be cliche so I’m not going to speak much. And Na, I didn’t take your note! I want it.

-From Phuong with love, August 15, 2019

 Dear Na, Alek, and Paul,

Thanks for providing me a great time during my 4-day stay here. I left the tour of your small farm and meeting the dog. Na was amazing. I will never forget her massage while it rained outside. I really felt part of the family here, well looked after. I had a lot of suggestions on what to do in the area, which made my stay fabulous. I will definitely be back! Stay awesome guys 🙂

– David Eblen    September 2019

Na, Alek and Paul,  Thanks for the Dalatful experience. You’re a masterful mixologist. Someday I’ll return to Lang Biang Arts Station to start the death cult we talked about. I would say more but words are two imperfect to describe my complicated feelings regarding the newfound discovery of our mutual sexcapades in Saigon. Thank you for being a friend!

Love Alex McCarl     August 2019 

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Lang Biang Art Station is a quaint wood house nestled between Lang Biang Mountain and ethnic K’Ho culture, offering 5 single beds that are designed with the five elements (metal/wood/water/fire/earth). $10 per bed in a spacious dorm with privacy curtains. The price includes a free vegetarian breakfast with coffee/tea and a welcome drink. Quiet time starts at 10 pm with an optional meditation. It is walking distance to LangBiang Mountain in a K’Ho ethnic neighborhood.

Đăng Gia street + Duy Tân street , Lạc Dương , Langbiang


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